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Our september meetup is now less than a week away so, to try and start to update this blog more frequently again, here's a post about what's coming up. The theme for the evening will be on how the Hadoop project has developed over the last few months. We've got the following two talks lined up :-

State of the Hadoop ecosystem - Dan Harvey
"Over the last 6 months the Hadoop community has seen a lot of change with many new companies opening up work based around the map reduce model that Hadoop uses. This talk will summaries these developments and point out some interesting discussion that has occurred on this to highlight where the Hadoop project appears to be heading."

Applications of MapReduce to the Financial Industry - Simon Waterer (Platform Computing)
"The threat of a double-dip recession and greater cost controls are further complicating the abilities of firms to create this utility grid and to scale-up their risk and customer analytics systems. In days past, adding hardware to enable deeper analytics and more complex simulations was the easy answer. No longer. Firms now need to provide greater compute capacity - without performance degradation - using the same or fewer resources. In addition, banks and insurers require highly available systems. The new Platform MapReduce, a 100% compatible version of Apache Hadoop, includes a highly available, scalable utility grid required by financial firms."

Platform Computing are also kindly sponsoring beer and pizza for this evenings meetup so that will be making a return again!

If you want to come along you'll need to register at SkillsMatter as usual before hand.

See you at the meetup on Thursday,

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