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Over the last year HUGUK has gathered a lot of momentum in the UK and London due to the ever growing need for large scale data processing in a range of companies from startups to large established companies. In 2010 HUGUK was being run by Klaas from Last.fm who is now leaving the UK, so I am taking over the running of the meetups in 2011. To start I though I would review the last year and see what people would like from HUGUK over the coming year.

We have had four meetups this year covering quite a range of hadoop related projects such as the Hive and Pig higher level languages, up coming middleware products from companies like Cloudera who have been kind to sponsor the meetups over the last year, and many applications and uses of hadoop in production. Finally we had a half day meetup on HBase which went down well with speakers from Facebook, and StumbleUpon in California. You can find more about all the past meetups on Lanyrd which I've linked to from here on the meetups page.

If you were a speaker at one of these it would be great if you could add yourself and attach sides if you like so users can easily find past talks. Hopefully overtime this will make it easier to find previous HUGUK talks and what's going on with Hadoop in the UK.

Finally I'm starting to organise meetups for next year so please let me know if you have anything you want to present or let people know about? and also what you would like to get from the meetups? Are the current presentations useful? Would more practical workshops be intresting? or maybe more details of the algorithms and research that are being used with hadoop? Let me know and I'll see what I can do!

You can also now follow us on twitter to keep up with hadoop in the UK @hug_uk

Hope you all have a great New Year.

Dan Harvey
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