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All of the HUGUK #7 slides and videos are now available on the Lanyrd page for this meetup. Many thanks to Dario Liberman for going through the trouble of recording the talks and uploading the videos.

Hopefully being able to download the slides and videos can mitigate the disappointment somewhat for the unfortunately quite large group of people who would've liked to attend but didn't manage to get a ticket. Next time we'll have to try and find a bigger room I guess, but in any case the best strategy will probably always be to keep an eye on this blog and register as soon as you can!
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Sai Santosh said... 26 October 2015 at 09:29

Videos and Slides presented on this blog are referred to me by my instructor at hadoop online training center. Also we as a group never miss a single post on this website. Thanks for sharing good info..

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