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As mentioned a couple of times already in the intro presentations for previous meetups, our 7th HUGUK meetup will take place on Friday the 19th of November and will be themed around HBase, the Hadoop database project that's focused on providing random, realtime read/write access to very large datasets. We're also being slightly more ambitious for this one by making it a full-blown afternoon meetup with four top notch talks:

  • HBase at Facebook by Jonathan Gray (Facebook, HBase committer)
  • HBase project update by Michael Stack (StumbleUpon, HBase committer)
  • HBase and datamining at Mendeley by Dan Harvey (Mendeley)
  • Using HFile outside HBase by Marc de Palol (Last.fm)
Moreover, Tom White from Cloudera will be there to sign your copies of his brand new book Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition and help us finish all of the free food and drinks that Playfish will be providing.

The talk and schedule details can be found on the registration page for the meetup. Space is limited and the speakers are awesome so I'd recommend registering as soon as possible, and if you don't make it in time then it might still be worthwhile to put yourself on the waiting list since it's not completely unlikely that we'll increase the number of spaces if there is enough demand.

UPDATE: Slides and videos are available at http://lanyrd.com/2010/huguk7.
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