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The videos for our last meetup only just became available and here I am announcing HUGUK #6 already. Our 6th meetup will again start at 6PM and take place at Skills Matter on Tuesday the 12th of October. We pretty much maxed out the capacity of the room last time, so I'd strongly recommend everyone to register as soon as possible if you intend to come.

Once again, we managed to assemble a great lineup. The open source business intelligence company Pentaho is sending Davy Nys to talk about their tools that complement Hadoop by assisting with data loading, transformation and analytics, and Gerrit Van Vuuren and Demeter Sztanko from SpecificMedia will talk about their experiences with Chukwa and Pig and how these projects will/should evolve in the near future:

"Putting a Face on Big Data: Ride the Elephant to Analyze Mountains of Data" by Davy Nys


Any company that is challenged by analysis of terabytes or even petabytes of data on a daily or weekly basis needs to take a long hard look at what they are paying for to analyze that data. The intersection of this ever increasing data tsunami and economics has produced new ways to structure and store incredibly large volumes of data with Apache Hadoop.

For most companies however, Hadoop is not a complete, single solution for analytics. Instead, it’s part of a hybrid data pyramid with a tier of raw data stored inexpensively in Hadoop; a secondary tier of key data aggregated out of Hadoop and placed in traditional datamarts, which are more expensive but offer better performance; and a third tier of data required for speed-of-thought response times residing in memory. As part of this data pyramid, Hadoop can dramatically lower costs without any compromise in business performance.

While Hadoop is a very powerful technology, its command line interface and lack of front and back end applications make it difficult and cumbersome to use. In order to take full advantage of the power of Hadoop, a variety of tools and applications are needed to assist in data loading, transformations and analytics.

What attendees will learn:
  • A check list to help users determine what their big data analysis needs are
  • The key questions to answer to get the right solutions implemented
  • What critical applications are needed to take full advantage of the power of Hadoop

Davy Nys, regional VP of Enterprise sales EMEA, joined Pentaho in 2007, initially as Pentaho’s first EMEA based sales rep out of the office in Belgium. After some quick wins he started to expand the European team across the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain and he currently he’s the Regional Vice President for Enterprise Sales of EMEA, driving Pentaho's adoption within major enterprise corporations. He has driven some of Pentaho’s largest projects including Specsavers, some European banks and the public sector like the NHS in the UK.

Davy started his career developing billing and business intelligence systems at a telecom provider now part of Versatel. He continued his career in technical positions and after several years of consultancy, incl. IBM as an SAP consultant for MM/SD modules and ABAP development, he found out that bringing business and technology together was his calling so he got involved in more sales oriented positions.

The past 6 years, Davy has held International Sales and Business Development positions. Before Pentaho, Davy was responsible for sales and pre-sales in Europe at Datawatch International, a niche Business Intelligence and ECM solution provider, where he also succeeded in attracting some large accounts. Outside work Davy brings his competitiveness to the basketball court and plays in a Belgian league.

“Chukwa at SpecificMedia” by Gerrit Van Vuuren


Gerrit is going to talk on log loading and the agent collector based strategy adopted by Chukwa. In particular, he will go through the problems encountered while using both traditional log loading tools and Chukwa for large volumes of data, after which he will discuss possible solutions SpecifcMedia plans to implement.


Gerrit Van Vuuren currently works as the team lead of the EU Hadoop project at SpecificMedia which uses Hadoop, Pig, Hive, and Chukwa. In this way he has contributed to important features of projects from the Hadoop ecosystem, including he Pig support for Hive’s columnar format.

“Pig 0.8” by Demeter Sztanko


Demeter is going to talk about Pig, a Hadoop-based platform for analyzing large data sets that consists of a high-level language for expressing data analysis programs coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs. More specifically, he will concentrate on the new features in Pig 0.8.


Demeter Sztanko works with Gerrit at SpecifcMedia, specializing more in data analysis. Previously he was a Hadoop engineer at two other companies, first Last.fm and then a small advertising startup called Contextured.com.

Pentaho will be sponsoring this meetup for free beer and pizza, so make sure you arrive early, thirsty and with an appetite.
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