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Below is a message from Cloudera regarding Hadoop training outside the US, I thought it might be of interest to the UK community.

Hadoop Fans,

Over the next year, you'll see new options for Hadoop training and certification from Cloudera. One of the first things you'll see will be live sessions outside the US, tentatively planned for the April / May time frame.

We've seen strong interest in Hadoop on all of our international trips, so we'd like to ask for community input as we decide exactly which cities to visit next. For cities we come to, we'll offer our 3 day developer training + certification, and with sufficient interest, we may also include a 1 day training + certification program for system administrators.

If you are interested in attending one or both of these sessions, please fill out a brief survey (link below). If you're using Hadoop at work, and it's time to train more of your team, you can let us know how large of a group you have. Survey responses aren't a commitment to attend, but we may reach out to respondents before we schedule a session to get a better understanding of actual attendance.

You can fill out survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MKGZHG9

If you have any trouble with the survey, or are interested in a private training session, please don't hesitate to reach out directly.

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