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If you think the Hadoop user group meetups are a bit on the small side it's worth checking out the Hadoop Summit in San Francisco on the 10th of June.

The busy schedule is filled with speakers you might be familiar with, for example Doug Cutting and HUGUK regular Tom White as well as many of the other names from the Hadoop community.

A selection of the talks that stand out:
* Automated diagnosis of problems in Hadoop
* Yahoo!'s experiences with managing large clusters
* Workflow / Oozie
* Scheduler- Fairshare & Capacity
* Genetic Sequence Analysis in the Clouds: Applications of MapReduce to the Life Science
* Lightning talk: Natural language learning with Hadoop

The event costs $100, but looks like it's worth the money.

I will be flying over with a small posse from Last.fm, be sure to say hello if you are there.
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