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The 14th of April marked the first Hadoop User Group meetup in 2009. The day was packed with interesting talks about Hadoop projects and real world Hadoop use. If you missed any of them you can have a look at the videos and slides below. Not all of them are available yet, but should be shortly.

Practical MapReduce - (Tom White, Cloudera) video, slides
Introducing Apache Mahout - (Isabel Drost, ASF) video, slides
Terrier - (Iadh Ounis and Craig Macdonald, University of Glasgow) video
Having fun with PageRank and MapReduce - (Paolo Castagna, HP) video, slides
Apache HBase - (Michael Stack, Powerset) video, slides
Hypercubes in HBase - (Fredrik Möllerstrand, Last.fm) slides
HADOOP-1722 and typed bytes - (Klaas Bosteels, Last.fm) slides
Scalable reasoning on RDF documents with Hadoop and HBase - (Michele Catasta) slides

Thanks to everyone who presented and Skills matter for filming.

Thanks to Sun Startup Essentials for providing the Hadoopers with a great venue, beer and lunch!

Sun Startup Essentials, here to help startups get up and running quicker, faster and more cost effective.
Sign up now at http://uk.sun.com/startups - Last.fm are, check out their story here

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Johan, thanks for organizing a very interesting event. Hope to see you again soon, Isabel

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